Who is Rosalyn Jefferson?

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Rosalyn Jefferson is a MILF Influencer (Mother Into Living Fabulous), blogger, public speaker, entrepreneur, and mother of 2 littles under the age of 5. Rosalyn is a native of Baltimore and works hard in her profession, but her greatest accomplishment is being a mom to her son, Derrick and her daughter Dallas.  

Rosalyn Jefferson is the visionary behind the Hunny Bee Society.  Throughout her professional career in the hospitality industry, she has always tended to and placated the needs of others. While hotel management paid the bills and nurtured her spirit to serve, she still felt like there was something missing.

On a quest to live a more fulfilling life, she developed Hunny Bee Society, an organization that promotes self-love, self-worth and purposeful living to brown girls of all ages. More recently, as a millennial momma going through the journey of the motherhood, Rosalyn has now expanded the Hunny Bee Society to aid other millennial mommas increase their confidence, create a more balanced life, and finally hit the goals they have been procrastinating on through mentoring and coaching.

Rosalyn’s entrepreneurial journey first began with a cupcakery back in 2009. She baked ornate cakes, cupcakes, and sweet treats that many fell in love with. While baking cakes and cupcakes is not the primary focus of Hunny Bees anymore, she still wishes to feed women emotionally and physically.  Be it through emotional support, coaching, or a sweet dessert, she still pours into souls and bellies in effort to provide a pinch of hope, a dash of prosperity, and an ounce of victory in the women and young ladies who cross her path.

Rosalyn birthed the Hunny Bee Society to bridge the gap between her passion and professional experience. Her motto is to “Bee the person I needed when I was going through." The Hunny Bee Society is not just an organization, but a unified movement to specifically aid mommas in need, but globally impact brown girls of all ages and to change their lives for the better. Rosalyn loves everything about bees! Bees are the pollinators and mothers of the earth. Providers. Protectors, Born with a purpose. Just like mommas, if there are no bees…. We can’t sustain life on earth.

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