Who is Rosalyn Jefferson?

Rosalyn Jefferson is the visionary behind the Hunny Bee Society. Rosalyn is a native of Baltimore and works hard in her profession, but her greatest accomplishment is being a mom to her three year old son, Derrick. She is a hotel manager by trade, but her heart lies in coaching and mentoring young women in her community. Through her teen and young adult life, Rosalyn struggled with extreme bouts of depression which caused her to make poor decisions and degraded her self-image. After two attempts to take her life, she found herself in a mental institution and vowed she would never go back once she was discharged--even if that meant masking her pain in her education. As self-love and self-esteem were foreign to her, Rosalyn buried herself in books and schooling. She worked hard to keep her single mother of two proud. Rosalyn attended high school in Baltimore County and later went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, with a Bachelor's degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management. Her college matriculation would later take her to Miami, Florida, where she graduated from Florida International University with a Masters degree in Hospitality management. Rosalyn knew early on she wanted a career where she worked to please and take care of people. What she did not know is where her career would take her. As an extension of her passion to not only take care of people, but to service them as well, Rosalyn birthed the Hunny Bee Society to bridge the gap between her passion and professional experience. Her motto is to “Bee the person I needed when I was growing up." The Hunny Bee Society is not just an organization, but a unified movement to aid brown girls of all ages and to change their lives for the better. Rosalyn loves everything about bees! Bees are pollinators of the earth, they are providers, they are protectors, and they are born knowing what their purpose is in life. Rosalyn’s ultimate goal with the Hunny Bee Society is to find creative ways to assist brown girls finding their purpose and living a more healthy and impactful life.


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