Life's Sweet Mercies

I didn’t care about the cursing city worker.

I didn’t care about the city pollution or exhaust fumes.

I didn't care about the lady that just walked by smoking her stinky cigarette. 

I didn't care about the music pouring of the open air restaurant that I am parked near.

I definitely didn’t give a damn about the police siren in the distance.

I could care even less about the day-drunk dudes standing outside of the Green Turtle rambling on about some sports crap.

Not at all concerned with the hand-holding loudly smooching couple that just walked by car.

On this warm spring day... 2 days before we commence on Mother’s Day, all That mattered to me was being in that car alone not hearing my name called once for a boo-Boo, juice box, YouTube video request, or a missing binky. I had unadulterated alone time. Alas!

I never understood the power of quiet nor did I fully appreciate it until after I became a mother. Sitting in the car waiting for my appointment has was thoroughly rewarding just because it was a party of one. 

Being a prepared woman, I left the house on mission to make a post office run, get a manicure and sneak in lunch to be back home all before my mom reached her babysitting limit. Skeptical of the never predictable downtown traffic, I expected the worse. Oh but did sweet baby Jesus shine his light on me! 

Not only did I make it to the post office and to the nail salon in record time, but I lucked up on a parking spot right in front of the nail salon’s door! That may mean little to you, but my boutiqe-y nail salon is in the heart of the tourist/downtown district and a good parking spot doesn’t come easy. 

What was I to do with the 30 minutes I had before my appointment? It was as if this time in space was curated and the stars were all aligned for just for little 'ole me- for alone time— for a quick reflection— meditation- or hell even better a nap! Stealing this moment felt incredibly rewarding and boy did I relish in it. After tilting my head back and closing my eyes and feeling the sun from the window beam on my face, I thought about all the other quiet and alone moments I take for granted. 

What else have I taken for granted! What other moments were there to be stolen? What recent opportunities did I not capitalize on? Have I missed little mercies and sweet victories, just because they were not ginourmous? Did I forget to smile back and say thank you to the person holding the door ahead of me? 

Life lesson in all of this...Breathe. Live Life. Celebrate the wins. Big. Small.  And in between.